December 8, 2022

Digital Marketing Management for Franchises and Dealers

Furkan Şevik

If you are a franchise owner or corporate marketing manager, it is important to understand the unique opportunities a customized digital marketing strategy presents to franchise models. Digital marketing can help you creatively promote your franchise online to reach more customers and generate more revenue. In this article, we will talk about the most important and effective digital marketing strategies that you can use for your franchises.


It is vital to perform the necessary analyzes before the operations you will carry out for franchisees and dealers. Because all the strategies you will create and the plans you will prepare will be built on these analyses.

In the analysis phase; To create a tailored, data-driven plan for your brand, you must study and then evaluate your business, your target audience, and your competitors.

Digital Analysis Tools

If you have decided to run an operation in digital, it is inevitable to use analysis tools before taking any action. Although there are many analysis tools available to users in the digital world, it would be a good choice to use Google Trends, where Google shares its data as a result of its own search activities.

If you don't know where the demographics you want to target are, Google Trends can help you a lot.

Using this tool, marketers can find out what people are talking about and where they are. In the light of this information, you can determine where your brand is most talked about and think about opening a dealership there.

For example; If McDonald's is considering opening a new dealership in Turkey and does not know in which city its brand is spoken most often, Google Trends will be the right address to find out.

Local SEO

Having your franchise and dealer locations visible online is an important component of digital success. Because; 46% of Google searches are done locally. (Source: Go-Gulf)

Local search helps weed out users who are less likely to contact your business. This is because search engines want to provide relevant and relevant local results based on proximity and intent. For example; When a user in Kadıköy searches for McDonald's, Google will show the Kadıköy branch of McDonald's, not the Beşiktaş branch.

According to a study by SEO Expert; 92% of searchers choose businesses on the first page of local search results. Considering this situation, local SEO studies are of great importance. An effective local SEO will help your franchise rank higher in online search results and reach more local customers.

Google My Business is very important because when your customers search for your business, it's often the first thing they notice in the search results. So much so that a complete Google My Business profile can alone improve a business's local SEO ranking.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is one of the most effective strategies for reaching your potential customers. That's why high-quality and relevant content is essential to the success of a digital strategy. It is worth remembering that content is not just about words. Examples of content types are infographics, videos, e-books, and email newsletters.

Content marketing initiatives are not easy to implement at the franchise level, but they are just as important. Because; local dealerships are in tight competition with local companies to stand out in their markets. Creating and sharing exclusive content can make your franchise an authority in your field.

All content and campaigns to be created in the digital world must be customized for franchises. This is because; The use of Cappadocia visuals in the design of an advertising campaign prepared for Nevşehir can be given as an example to this situation.

Social Media

Social media is a highly effective way to reach new customers and develop relationships with them. According to the data of We Are Social, the number of social media users has exceeded 4.5 billion by 2022.

You can use social media platforms to follow conversations about your franchise or reseller, engage existing and potential customers, and provide them with the information they need to take next steps with your company. Social media allows for two-way communication between a business and its customers that can develop strong relationships, brand loyalty and repeat purchases.

You should also keep in mind that the content and advertising campaigns you will create on social media should be customized for the local ecosystem and you should take your steps accordingly.

Franchise Feedback

Feedback is essential for effective knowledge sharing between teams and groups. With constructive feedback, you can increase your productivity and achieve better results. That's why you should listen to feedback from franchisees. Thus, you can make the necessary optimizations in the light of the feedback you receive.

Franchise Special Reports

Franchises aren't the only places to get feedback. All of the reviews and ratings found on platforms like Google My Business and Foursquae are actually pretty important feedback. In the light of the information you will obtain here, you can take constructive actions.

Also, your brand's marketing reports contain perhaps the most important feedback. You can see the return of every penny you invest in franchises in these reports and make the necessary improvements.

Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising

Almost all online experiences start with a search engine. Wordstream research shows that 41% of clicks on search results pages go to paid ads in the top three positions. With PPC ads, you can set a budget and only pay when visitors click on your ads.

For franchisees, these paid advertisements are a highly effective and cost-effective way of attracting more relevant and relevant visitors to your website, generating more leads and sales. Also, PPC ads run pretty fast. Therefore; If you want to quickly increase your website traffic, leads and revenue for your franchise, PPC is a very good option for you.

Email Marketing

If you are looking for a cost-effective way to grow your franchise, email marketing may be best for you. According to research by the Direct Marketing Association, email marketing offers a 4300% ROI.

Email marketing allows you to connect with current and potential customers directly from their inbox. By email, you can provide people with important information about your franchise and develop relationships that encourage them to become customers.

While preparing your e-mail newsletters, you should pay attention to their personalizedness. Because; 74% of marketers say personalizing emails increases engagement.


Your website plays an important role in your digital operations as it is often the first interaction between your franchise and your potential customers. So that; According to LSA's Digital Consumer Research report, 63% of users primarily use your company's website to find and interact with you.

The results of the research conducted by Stanford University show that; 75% of users rate a company's credibility based on website design. Also, having a good design of your website can keep visitors on your website longer. This sends positive signals to search engines and allows visitors to find the information they need to contact or visit your franchise.

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