The Easiest Way to Make Your Franchise and Dealership Owners a Digital Advertiser

Branchsight takes care of time-consuming tasks such as account creation, visualization, campaign setup, and targeting.

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Protect Your Brand

Local businesses run ads with the right brand identity.
All campaigns are published according to the decision of the headquarters.


Localize your ads for local businesses. And do it in seconds.

Native Ad Account and Budget

While local businesses publish their ads from their own ad accounts; they pays for cost of ads out of his own budget.

Publish a Stand Out Ads in 10 Seconds!

Activate your campaign then all your franchises publish their ads fast, professional and simple.

Level of Authority

Local businesses can update according to the authorization levels you set.

All The Data in Your CRM

All lead data obtained by your local advertisers are automatically transferred to your CRM system.

Digital Ads Activation Process

Branchsight speeds up the digital ad activation process.
Branchsight organizes where local businesses waste time in their digital advertising processes.

Manage all franchises’ ads from a single platform.

Manage The Ads of Each Local Business

Automate campaign creation and develop marketing strategies for each local business. Protect your brand identity, determine the creatives and targeting.

View and Report All Data on Ads from Local Businesses

Have all the data of local businesses available at the headquarters. Optimize your advertising strategies using all the data. Increase sales figures. Let local businesses improve your overall performance.

Make Easy The Advertising Process for Each Local Business

Help resellers avoid lengthy and complex processes such as creating ad creative and setting targeting. Let the each branch advertise in 10 seconds.
Let them use their own budgets and their own advertising accounts, but the creative and strategy of the headquarters be published.

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