Facebook & Instagram Ads

In just 3 steps, enable all of your dealers and franchises to advertise on the local market by digitizing them.

Facebook & Instagram Ad Module

Enable your dealers and franchises to simply advertise under your control without having to deal with concerns like a complicated interface, incorrect messages and strategies, and visual flaws.

  • Correct advertising to correct audience
  • Boost sales by personalized communication
  • Manage by localizing

The Facebook & Instagram Ads module lets you track, manage, optimize and enhance dealer and franchisee advertising.

  • Hyper-Localization

    Localize dealer and franchise Facebook and Instagram ads to target the right audience.

  • Management Approved and Controlled

    For each dealer and franchise, use a brand-approved automatic content plan to ensure right advertising.

  • Real-Time Monitoring, Performance Analysis

    Instantly track and analyze dealer and franchise ad campaigns success to improve strategy management with individualized reports.

  • Control over all campaign operations

  • Real-Time reporting system

  • Optimize strategies

  • Increase Brand Awareness

Branchsight Facebook & Instagram Ads module designed for dealers and franchises to advertise in 3 steps with standardized visuals and localized, correct strategies.

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