Centralized Management

Plan and manage all your digital channels from a single center and panel


  • Increased Efficiency

    Enhance location performance with common access to all channels

  • Optimal Resource Utilization

    More accurate and balanced resource distribution through centralized management

  • Traffic and Sales Increase

    Better conversion rates through accurate and effective management

Manage All Your Locations with Equal Efficiency Through Centralized Management!

With Branchsight's centralized management feature, effectively utilize your advertising budget for all locations of your brand and increase your conversion rate.

How Does It Work ?

Manage Your Multi-Location Brand Correctly and Completely from a Single Center.

By swiftly and comprehensively launching digital marketing advertisements tailored to each location where your brand is present, you can strengthen the advertising performance of your locations.

We Build Locally Strong Global Brands.

Manage your dealer and franchise locations efficiently and grow your brand with everything you need

Manage your dealers and franchise digital marketing ads and social media channels quickly, comprehensively and with brand approval.