Hyper Localization

Localizing your dealers' and franchises' digital marketing efforts helps increase the visibility of the dealer based on the business location.


  • Customized Images

    Text strategy tailored to the target audience.

  • Local Advertising Targeting

    Advertising targeting based on each dealer's and franchise's location

  • Local Search Targeting

    Targeting Google searches near the dealer's and franchise's location.

Accurate Location with Reliable Ads!

With localized strategies, your dealers and franchises strengthen your brand by delivering correct and effective advertisements.

How Does It Work ?

Images approved by headquarters are created individually for each dealers and franchises by Branchsight.

Branchsight automatically localizes advertisements by dynamically adding information such as dealers and franchises name, phone number, and address to the images. Location targeting is automatically performed based on the dealer's and franchise's location.

We Build Locally Strong Global Brands.

Manage your dealer and franchise locations efficiently and grow your brand with everything you need

Manage your dealers and franchise digital marketing ads and social media channels quickly, comprehensively and with brand approval.